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YMCA of Newport News, VA

Utilizing in-house designed estimating software, we calculated the required polyurethane foam necessary to complete the job. Thru the use of strategically placed holes we were able to successfully remove over 120 linear feet of trip hazard along the curbing in less than a 4 hour period by injecting the polyurethane foam beneath the concrete sections.

After identifying the underlying cause, JACKCRETE designed a solution utilizing High Density Polyurethane Foam to lift the sidewalk to the original height of the curb in order to eliminate the trip hazard. The YMCA had an upcoming brief planned shutdown for building renovations and requested repairs be completed during this allotted downtime. Given the short notice, we made modifications to our schedule to accommodate their two day window in which to complete the work. We successfully completed the work in just four hours to the complete satisfaction of the customer and created little disruption to the still-in-progress daycare facility.