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Coating Systems

Coating Systems

Industrial Coatings

Installation of industrial coatings and linings is critical to assets and infrastructure.  RPC Industries, Inc. delivers results through quality control, applicator training, and coating manufacturer certifications. Our experience with asset preservation and restoration, chemical resistant linings and aesthetic coatings makes us the clear choice for any industrial coatings and linings project.

Plural Component Coatings & Linings

RPC Industries, Inc. embraces the use of new materials, such as polyureas, designed for quick cure, extreme chemical resistance, extra long coating life and rapid turnaround. Working with major and specialty coatings manufacturers, we have invested in the cutting-edge equipment that is necessary for the proper installation of these materials. Organizations call on the RPC Industries, Inc. team of well-trained and experienced craftsman to attend to their most demanding and challenging projects.

Secondary Containment & Floor Systems

Chemical-resistant secondary containment coating systems and aesthetic floor coatings can be critical to the safety of your operations. Our experience makes us the clear choice for any containment and floor coating project to make your facility as safe as possible.

Standard Surface Cleaning & Preparation

Every RPC Industries, Inc. coating system begins with thorough surface cleaning and preparation. We employ a variety of abrasives to clean and profile steel and concrete, employ the use of power tools, hand tools, solvents and power washers as appropriate.

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