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Hampton Plaza Shopping Center

Over the building’s life, 4 layers of MOD bit or membrane roofs had been installed over the monolithic concrete deck. Immediately after construction, leaks were already occurring and showed no signs of slowing down.

In 2005, RPC Industries began a massive undertaking to correct the roofing and environmental disasters this building contained. Besides the roof leaks, the interior included about half a million square feet of asbestos in the flooring, insulation, and ceilings. RPC designed a solution to abate asbestos in the buildings interior including removing the building insulation. This allowed the great insulation properties of SPF roofing to shine. Once the building interior was healthy, RPC moved onto the roof to remove all layers of roofing and install an SPF roof directly to the properly repaired concrete deck. Utilizing SPF roofing, the owner was able to avoid installing new insulation to the building’s interior which significantly reduced the impact to the occupied tenants who had already been greatly disturbed by the interior abatement project. 

Understanding the long-term longevity of SPF, the owner joined a RPC maintenance plan which contributed to it’s outstanding performance. Not wanting to wait until his original manufacturers warranty expired, the customer wanted RPC back on the job for a re-coat project. Our manufacturing partner, knowing the condition of the roof, happily worked with us to ensure the new warranty also included the remaining term of the original warranty providing a full 20 years of BASF warranty coverage.