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Abatement and Remediation

Professional, Safe Remediation Services

Asbestos Abatement

RPC Industries, Inc. has been licensed and has performed asbestos abatement for over 30 years in the industrial, commercial, and residential market. We are committed to protecting our employees, clients, and the environment. This includes strict adherence to OSHA, EPA, and DOT regulations. 

  • State of the Art Removal Techniques and Equipment
  • Experienced Supervision of Work Crews          
  • Portfolio of Successful Projects Performed
  • Consulting for Cost Effective Solutions

Lead Abatement

RPC Industries, Inc. performs lead based paint remediation utilizing OSHA and EPA certified employees utilizing encapsulation, needle-gun, and component removal techniques.

  • EPA Accredited Training and Certification
  • Medical Monitoring of Employees           
  • State-of-the-Art Removal Techniques

Contaminated Soil Excavation & Remediation

RPC Industries, Inc. performs soil excavation and remediation following the specifications for the specific contaminant. We  are overseen by a third party environmental consultant to insure that the interests of our client are protected.

  • Site Specific Safety and Health Plan Development        
  • Medical Monitoring of Employees           
  • 40-Hour OSHA Hazmat Training