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History and Leadership

Our History

In the early 1970’s, our co-founder, Buddy Cockrell, was exposed to the science of sprayed polyurethane foam while working as a project manager for a large mechanical insulation contractor. Mr. Cockrell’s interest in the immerging technology grew as quickly as the polyurethane reaction itself.

By 1979, Buddy left the mechanical insulation field and, along with two partners, founded RPC Industries, Inc. in the Hampton Roads Virginia market. The newly formed company attracted talented personnel and the company flourished within the commercial and industrial construction services market.

Where We Are Today

Since those early years, RPC Industries’ growth and success has developed from identifying and adapting to the changing market conditions around us and a hard-nosed focus on fulfilling the expectations of our client partners and other stakeholders. Our history is a legacy we are proud of and eager to share.

We have now been in business for over 40 years serving many of the same customers continuously. Over the years, we have developed specialties in commercial roofing and insulation, asbestos and lead abatement, metal siding and roofing of industrial buildings, and a wide spectrum of applications with sprayed polyurethane in the marine, industrial and commercial markets.

Associations and Designations




Bryan T. Heldreth

Bryan joined RPC Industries, Inc. in 2006 after studying entrepreneurship and receiving a BBA from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. During his tenure with the company, Bryan previously filled the roles of technical sales, marketing coordinator, project manager, and vice president.

In addition to his duties at RPC Industries, Bryan co-founded the JACKCRETE brand and currently serves as the president of Jackcrete of Virginia; our concrete lifting contracting company. Bryan stays active in the polyurethanes industry by actively participating in the Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) board of directors and is currently serves as the organization’s vice president. Bryan stays active in the local business community by serving as the president of the Copeland Industrial Park Business Association.

Executive Chairman

L.L. "Buddy" Cockrell

Buddy co-founded RPC Industries, Inc. in 1979 to serve the industrial construction market. His vision for a quickly adapting construction firm focused on safety and fulfilling expectations came true. His leadership fosters creativity and growth of the entire team at RPC Industries, Inc.

Over the years, Buddy’s expertise in our construction specialties has been called on countlessly. He has served as president of the sprayed polyurethane foam alliance, director at the Society for the Plastics Industry, and was a presenter at an international polyurethane conference in Germany. Buddy continues to serve the polyurethane industry through involvement in many committees and research.

Vice President

Gary L. Sager

Gary joined RPC Industries, Inc. in 1980 and has served as project manager, head of production, and vice president over his 30 years with the company. Gary has a strict approach to construction, which is appreciated by his customers who have a keen attention to detail.

Gary’s responsibilities primarily focus on heading our operations but his expertise in construction safety and secure-facility projects make him an industry leader. “Working within secure facilities and industrial environments creates challenges not often seen on other construction sites,” he says. “When you work the industrial sites that we do, you have an entirely different outlook on safety.” Gary is a treasured member of the RPC team, a tremendous asset to our customers, and an exemplary representative of the industry.