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Roofing Maintenance Agreements

Providing Peace-of-Mind and Return on Investment

Our roofing maintenance packages are made to fit your budget and schedule. If your facility would like to minimize roofing repair costs and save time on in-house inspections, RPC can help. Our plans can be used on both out-of-warranty and warranted roofing systems.


Cleaning roof surfaces, gutters, drain baskets, scuppers, and other drainage systems of debris.


Inspections checking for any vandalism, standing water, surface contaminates, or other issues known to degrade roofing systems.


Sealing all flashings, counter-flashings, coping caps, and other sheet metal accessories will be inspected. Any open flashing will be sealed.


Repairing any non-warranted roof damage including punctures, splits, bird and contractor damages, and any other abnormalities that fall below manufacturer recommendations.


Managing your roofing system to ensure prompt repairs as issues arise. Don't worry about paperwork-we handle all of it with the manufacturer.


Reporting a comprehensive inspection including a condition summary, photos, sketch, and written estimates for any repair work needed that is not covered by the agreement.

Specialty Roofing Maintenance

Storm Season Preparation

This program is a simple repair and maintenance program designed to prepare your roofs for the coming storm season. The main focus is to remove the debris and plant growth from the drainage areas as clogged drains can be very destructive in a hard rain. This program provides for the removal of that debris along with some basic roof flashing maintenance: any open pipe flashings or obvious roof splits will be repaired as needed.

Aged Roof Warranty

This program is the best possible repair and maintenance solution for your older existing roof to be consistent with Storm Season Preparation. With this program, we perform all of the work described in our other programs, but go much further.  We perform preventative maintenance to any POTENTIAL leak problems we may find (worn ponded roof areas, roof-side wall joints, metal details, duct-work flashings, checking of all wall and field laps as needed, etc.) and correct as much of the roof as we possibly can.  Upon completion, we provide you with a ONE-YEAR WHOLE ROOF WARRANTY. This means that any leaks in the roof system during the course of that year are repaired at no additional cost.

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