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Norfolk Scope Arena

With a concrete monolithic dome measuring 440 feet in diameter and 110 feet tall, the Norfolk Scope arena encloses a staggering 85,000 square feet. A sprayed Polyurethane Foam roof, state-of-the-art at the time of construction, was installed over the concrete dome.  The original SPF roof system was renovated in 1989 with a Dow Corning Silicone/SPF system and continued performing exceptionally well. 

The facility, which houses musical and sporting performances, underwent audiovisual renovations in 2006. That renovation included hanging a rigging grid by bolting through the concrete roof deck.  RPC Industries, Inc. was contracted to patch the foam roof after the bolts were installed and then renovate and re-coat the entire roof with BASF Elastocoat Silicone and Elastospray foam.  This project provided the city with a new 10 year full-system warranty.

This structure is a true testament to the sustainability of Spray Polyurethane Foam.  A foam roof system has been continuously protecting Scope Arena for almost 40 years,  with few repairs needed over that period.  Not only will SPF be the roof system over Scope for half a century at a minimum, it has done so without a single leak throughout the life of the facility.