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RuhRPumpen Factory Stabilization

Upon inspection it was determined that the underlying problem was loosely compacted soil and voids beneath the slab. JACKCRETE designed a best course of action to stabilize the large slab and to help prevent any further settlement. Utilizing in-house designed estimating software, they calculated the required high-density polyurethane foam necessary to complete the job. Through the use of over 50 strategically-placed, penny-sized holes were able to successfully stabilize the concrete slab in less than 6 hours by injecting the high-density polyurethane foam beneath the concrete supporting the heavy equipment. This innovative solution saved the customer from equipment downtime, and prevented the inconvenience of having to disassemble the heavy machine, jackhammer out the existing concrete slab, stabilize the subsoil and pour a new slab. The slab would then need an extended curing period before the machinery could be reassembled and returned to full operation. By Ruhrpumpen Inc.’s estimate this would have resulted in a 2 month period of downtime and significant revenue loss. JACKCRETE has followed up with Ruhrpumpen regularly for status updates and they are happy to report each time that they have had no signs of settlement since the job was completed.