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Which Roof is Best for You?

Whether you’ve purchased a pre-existing property that needs roofing repairs, or simply want renovate your current roof, you have many options.  Often, you might have several options when choosing the type of roofing material is best for your establishment.  Below are several factors to consider when deciding on the roofing material you wish to have applied to your building and why these factors are important to levy into your decision making process.


When choosing the proper roofing materials to apply, the location is an important factor as certain climates aren’t suitable for all roofing types.  If you are in extreme cold climates, you could use asphalt or metal roofing and live comfortably; living in predominantly hot regions may merit slate or metal roofing.  If your climate calls for numerous days of rain or other storms, choosing metal roofing could be your best option.  The right contractor can assist you with area-specific product choices.

The most important decision is the budget you’re working with to begin a roofing project; since some materials have a higher per square cost.  Understanding what you’re monetary limits are and bringing these figures to your contractor will help them professionally assess and apply the best roof for your money.  The goal is to have this roof done right once so you can relax while your roof works for you while saving on energy costs.

Resale Value 
Should you wish to retire and sell your business building, you’d like to know that any repairs done will factor into your appraisal.  Roofing materials used on your establishment can be a significant factor in increasing or not changing the appraised value of your building; if you plan on moving within the next 10-20 years, you may want the roofing material that offers the greatest cosmetic longevity to keep your property’s value where it needs to be so you’ll come out ahead when selling your structure.